Waterproofing Options For Below Grade and Concrete Foundation

Experts have emphasized over and over again, that waterproofing should be system based and not a product based.

They reason for these is that a systemic approach ensures double protection and insurance against leakages. Take for instance, in foundation waterproofing, a combination of  Aquafin White Tube Technology, integrated into the form Work, Aquafin Admix 3rd generation primary waterproofing admixtures and Combiflex or Mariseal 600 Hybrid Bitumen and Polyurethane Coatings installed on retaining wall will by all means provide a significantly better protection than they use of any one product.  Our advise to consultants and stakeholders is that whatever project you are undertaking always bear this in mind that a systemic approach, in respective of product manufacturers will always lead to better performance and protection in the long run.

Below is our recommendation for Foundation, Integral and Below Grade Waterproofing systems:

  1. Integration of Aquafin CJ White tube technology into the form work matrics for future insurance against leakages
  2. Introduction of 3rd generation Aquafin Admix primary waterproofing admixtures
  3. Installation of Combiflex or Mariseal 600 Hybrid Bitumen and Polyurethane Coatings on retaining walls and other necessary areas as may be deemed fit

Complete compliance with this system will ensure long term durability and peace of mind on projects






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